Online poker, especially when reviewing traffic numbers, has seen its best days go by – that much can be said with certainty. Although the game is still quite popular today, it is a far cry from the craze it was back in the mid and late 2000's. As much as this might be painful to a true poker fan’s ears, people are moving on to other things.

There is nothing strange about this when you think about it. Like so many other things, poker was, for a while, the next big thing. Then, the craze started to fade out, with those not as passionate about the game or not finding the success they were hoping for looking for a different pastime.

So, online poker rooms are at a crossroad right about now. They can sit idly and wait for people to somehow rediscover the game – or they can take actions to help things along and make online poker more attractive. New technologies being developed the past few years could certainly help rekindle the spark.

Online Poker and VR

Virtual Reality (VR) is slowly but surely becoming a guarantee in the future. While this may have been a crazy futuristic dreams a couple of decades ago, we’re now at the brink of VR entering the mainstream, especially in the world of gaming.


Online poker could definitely take advantage of these advances and implement VR technology to offer a completely different experience, similar to the one found in live games. It is clear that many people have given up online poker because it is just not entertaining enough. These same people still frequent their local poker rooms and the right Virtual Reality setup could bring them back online.

Of course, we’re still some years away from these technologies becoming cheap enough and accessible enough for something like this to happen. But, it would be nice to believe there is a poker room keeping an eye on the ball, ready to get in on the ground floor.


Cryptocurrency Poker – The Game of the Future?

Another thing deterring people from online poker is the fact many don’t believe that cards are truly random and they feel like there are too many weird hands happening on the internet. There is little point in reasoning with those who believe this as they will only play the games they feel safe and protected in.


Cryptocurrencies and related technologies could make all this go away in one fell swoop. Application of these technologies could result in provably fair poker rooms where all results can be independently verified by the players. That way, they wouldn’t have to rely on third party licensors to tell them everything is on the up and up.

Online Poker Needs to Pick Up

If online poker is to thrive and once again become a big attraction, it needs to keep up with the times and deliver what people are looking for. Online casinos are very good in this department as they are often among the early adopters of many modern technologies.


Hopefully, people in the online poker business will come to understand this and we’ll see new, completely different and revamped poker rooms offering more. Otherwise, the game runs the risk of becoming old news in a few years’ time.